Partnerships and projects

Consumers have the choice to shop responsibly. Just like us: We have decided to consistently continue along this path. In the coffee business, we endeavour to establish long-term relationships with suppliers and local producer organisations. These direct relations offer us the opportunity to meet the players along the supply chain, identify their needs, systematically support them, and build trust. The UTZ standard is the basis of cooperation in the field of coffee. It stipulates compliance with social and ecological criteria and regulates the payment of a price premium.

We don't simply act from faraway Switzerland. We regularly visit the producing countries. This enables us to regularly and individually monitor the methods of cultivation, harvesting and processing and to follow the local social projects more easily. Conversely, the producers get to know their buyers and realise that they can trust us.

The following summary of our partnerships and projects gives interested customers and consumers an overview of our commitment.
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