Top quality for food services

We provide expert coffee and food advice for your food service. We are the right contact for perfectly roasted coffee or nuts, dried fruit, pulses and many more top-quality products. We offer the best of quality and guarantee the highest cultivation standards of the raw materials used. Our competent food service team is happy to help.

Superior quality is our promise

To guarantee our promise of superior quality, we are happy to visit you to find the perfect coffee for your company and to adjust the coffee machine to provide the optimal coffee quality. 
The coffee quality is checked once or twice a year (or by agreement) in your presence and the machines are adjusted, if necessary. Our coffee quality check includes the following measurements, which are entered into our customer care system:
 – Water hardness
 – Outflow temperature and time
 – Sensory and optical appraisal of the coffee
To maintain the coffee quality at a high level, the staff in charge of serving the coffee receives professional training from us. 
We offer valuable tips and tricks for the daily use of our coffee. This advice can also be found in the training documents. Please contact us if you are interested in other topics apart from training sessions. We are happy to respond to individual wishes such as barista training customised to your requirements.

Freshly ground coffee enjoyment for your guests

To achieve the optimal mix of flavours for each cup of coffee, each serving of coffee should be ground freshly. This is the only way to guarantee that your guests can truly enjoy the multitude of coffee aromas.
You wish to offer freshly ground coffee to your guests but have no grinder at your site? If you purchase our coffee, you can temporarily borrow a coffee grinder subject to a hire contract.
Please contact our sales representatives.

The optimal tableware for every requirement

Serve our coffee in attractive cups. Our Caffè range comprises espresso, lungo and cappuccino cups and latte macchiato glass tumblers, serving trays and sugar sticks. We offer everything to make your customers' coffee experience complete.
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