Healthy and simple cooking

Today's society is increasingly focused on healthy nutrition. The slogan "You are what you eat" is increasingly influencing how people in the West think and act. Regardless of whether a meal must be produced quickly or where cooking is celebrated: What is important is not only the origin of food but also its content and nutrients. 
We cover the need for "clean" and healthy food with our broad cooking range comprising pulses, dried mushrooms, grains and seeds as well as herbs and seasoning.

Herbs and seasoning – the right flavour for each dish

Herbs and seasoning refine every dish. Our broad range comprises various individual spices, spice preparations, spice mixtures and herbs to cater for each taste and dish. The LeChef brand is a spice line that is free of additives. This brand line also offers our unique Spice Sticks: Thanks to the small, resealable format, rarely used spices take up little room in the seasoning drawer. Our spice mixtures of the #Taste brand offer exotic flavours and inspiration.

Our herbs and seasoning brands

Pulses – the perfect meat replacement

Diets that are meat-free or low in meat – and the corresponding vegetable sources of protein – are a major trend. The leaders are pulses such as peas, beans, and lentils. They are rich in nutrients, low in calories and offer a high protein content. Combined with cereals, they are an ideal combination of vegetable protein providers. Even star chefs are using lentils regularly again. 

Grains and seeds – tough outside, healthy inside

Grains and seeds are ideal to visually enhance salads, soups, smoothies and muffins. They add a typical "crunchy effect", are healthy and provide various additional nutrients such as protein, magnesium, zinc, iron, and many more.

Our grains and seeds brands

Dried mushrooms – unique fragrance and taste

Like spices, dried mushrooms offer unique fragrance and taste. This is why they are highly popular in the kitchen. Thanks to their good shelf life, they are well suited for storage. Dried mushrooms have a more intensive scent and taste than fresh ones. Their flavours are consistently earthy. Depending on the variety, they offer notes of earth, moss, fir and tobacco. They are very popular in top cuisines too, for example to increase the aromatic flavours of fresh mushrooms.
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