Sustainable sourcing

When sourcing raw materials, we pay attention to fair working and living conditions and take humans and nature into account. We focus on social standards and sustainable labels, strive for long-term partnerships with local producers and commit to local projects. 

Our raw materials sourcing strategy

We source a multitude of raw materials from a multitude of countries all around the globe. Coffee beans from the rainy highlands of Honduras or mangoes from the sunny plains of Africa. These are various origins and complicated supply chains with varying challenges but with one thing in common: The farmers are the first and indispensable players and, at the same time, the weakest link in the supply chain. We want our raw materials to be grown, harvested and processed in fair working and living conditions that respect people and nature. For this reason, we cooperate with several sustainability and social standards. More than 90% of the coffee beans we process are UTZ-certified (segregated). The physical traceability to the plantation is guaranteed. Moreover, we offer a broad range of organic grains and seeds such as lentils, beans and peas. The raw materials from risk countries are partly certified by Fairtrade - Max Havelaar.  In addition, we commit, wherever possible, to local projects and strive for long-term partnerships. Our commitment promotes sustainable cultivation and processing of high-quality raw materials, contributes to improving the living conditions of local farmers and gives them and their farms good future prospects.  
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