About us

Honesty, transparency, natural ingredients and exquisite taste: We make products that reflect our own values.

Our commitment, culture and passion is based on sincerity, not on ruthless profit optimisation or our own interests. Our promise: We are, and always will be, honest and respectful towards our consumers, customers, suppliers and staff at all times. Our company is firmly convinced that this respectful attitude will contribute to its future success.

Transparency is often used as a blanket term, but only few people know what their products contain. Thanks to our own production and extensive monitoring of all steps along the value-added chain, we are in a position to guarantee the transparency of our activities and products.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about the origin of our products and their production methods.

Natural ingredients: Our company is not perfect. Yet the basis of all our actions are reflections on how to reduce the negative impact on the environment. This commitment covers the cultivation of raw products, transport and production - now and in the future. All our products are aligned with this philosophy: They consist of 100% plant-based raw materials and contain neither additives nor preservatives.

We sell only those products that have successfully passed our sensory tests in the lab and by our employees at home. Because we're convinced that successful products are those that our employees love and consume at home. Our products stand for distinct, good taste. But things that are good today should be even better tomorrow. This is why we always strive to optimise our recipes to make the products even tastier.
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